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What is the minimum age that you can attend GGS ?  25+ with valid photo ID.


What does the club provide?  Everyone is given a locker and towel on entry. Your locker key works as a bar tab so you don't need to carry cards and cash in the bar areas and you pay at the end before you leave for your drinks. We are NOT a licensed bar so you will need to bring your own alcoholic beverages which will be marked up with your locker key number on, we sell mixers and soft drinks. Condoms and lube can be purchased from the club or bring your own. We have showers with shower gel, shampoo and a hairdryer /straighteners in the changing room. NOTE: Mobile phones MUST be handed in at reception on entry and will be kept in a lock box with your locker key number on. We accept Card or Cash payments.


What do people wear? Is it a dress down club?

Men: Underwear or a towel.

Women: Anything you feel comfortable wearing - Underwear/lingerie for example Babydolls, Basques, Corsets.

Shoes are optional

Slippers can be purchased from the bar

We are NOT a dress down on arrival club BUT we do encourage to start dressing down at 22:00 


Do we need to book? If there is an event advertised on the main website that is hosted by someone else and not the club then YES. Book by contacting the club or go on the Events page on fabswingers and request to be added to their guestlist. We will still except walk-ins on these nights but suggest you arrive early


Is sex guaranteed / Do we need to have sex? Absolutely NOT!  The club is not a "free for all". Play happens after consent has been given and we suggest this is done verbally by everyone. Do not assume anybody's body language means anything. 
You can do as little or as much as you want, many people attend the club for social reasons and will not play at all so don't worry you will not stand out if you don't play or only play in your couple. Spend time talking respectfully to others and if you're unsure just ask bar staff. 
If you expect to walk into the club and immediately play, this is not the venue for you. While some people are more open and happy to invite you into a scene, not everyone is comfortable doing this and you are expected to have the ability to understand respectful social etiquette just like in the real world. 
ADVICE- Don't touch without asking! Don't loom over people playing! Don't be a pushy! NO knocking on doors! No been a pain following people around! NO Means NO!


Can LGBTQ+ persons attend all events?
LGBTQ+ can attend all our events. We also have events from time to time for the LGBTQ+ community. This is a no judgement club, everyone is welcome here, however, same sex couples will pay individual prices on non LGBTQ+ specific nights. 


What is the best time to visit? This is a question that we can't really answer. If you want it to feel busy we suggest attending an event as listed on the website, or a Friday / Saturday night. Wednesdays we have a good mix of people alot of new people to the lifestyle attend so this is a good day to come and socialise with others and get a feel of the club environment ,Thursdays are couples and single ladies only so good for nervous/new  couples and ladies to try out the club and get a feel for what you want. Try a few different days and times and you will eventually figure out what you personally prefer. 


PLEASE NOTE: We NEVER know how busy a night will be, events that are hosted by other people are always a little busier as they bring their own follows with them however some weekdays get busy too, others are quiet. We will not give numbers out over the phone so please don't call and ask, the number of customers may increase or decrease before you arrive **


Is there a smoking area? There is a enclosed area that is not overlooked by the public which is just near the locker room , we provide dressing gowns to keep you warm and is also heated . Vaping must be in the smoking area also.


Are there Hotels close by? yes there is a Hotel that is a 5 min walk from the club HOTEL CAMPANLINE RUNCORN very good rates and right next door to the train station


Where can we park? Plenty of on street parking is available, also a carpark just across the road which can be used at no cost. 


What is the age range of customers?  Everyone from all ages are welcome, and do attend. people aged 30-60 make up the larger portion of customers with some younger and some older. Ages ranges from 25-70+


Do we have a jacuzzi? YES we do always nice and hot !! we even sell hair ties so you can keep your hair dry !!

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